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FAST SHIPPING - Within 1 - 4 days. Free shipping on orders over 25€. x
Pet Teeth Repairing Kit

Fix Your Pet's Dental Problems!

Get rid of your pet's bad breath by repairing damaged gums and fortifying it against harmful microorganisms.
Your pet's bad breath is a bigger problem than you thought! It's actually a symptom that your pet’s gums have infection-causing bacteria, which can travel to the heart, kidney, and liver! 

Stop periodontal disease before it gets into your pet’s organs with the Pet Teeth Repairing Kit. Harmful contaminants in your doggo’s mouth will be no match for its powerful cleaning strength. Now you can rest assured that your fur friend is always in tip-top health from their teeth all the way down to their internal organs!


1. First use a white pen, which can penetrate the gums and remove tartar and stubborn tooth stains on the teeth. Soften the calculus and make it loose.

2. Then use the blue pen - it can fully care the oral gums and make teeth whiter. Contains a botanical oral formula that leaves the mouth fresh and healthy

  • Open the lid and turn it to rotate the oil (one drop is OK)

  • Apply to the dog’s teeth with a white pen and keep it for about 3 minutes

  • After cleaning, apply to the teeth with a blue pen to repair the anti-inflammatory, and refresh the mouth


  • FRESH PLANT-BASED FORMULA - Made from all-natural ingredients, it removes tartar build-up and stubborn stains by weakening calculus in your furry friend’s teeth, leaving their mouth fresh and clean.

  • PET-FRIENDLY - Having periodontal diseases is painful for your furry companion. Don’t make them suffer more when brushing their mouth! This pen’s soft brush makes cleaning painless and less stressful for your pet without causing inflammation while doing the job

  • EASY TO USE - Do you find it hard to clean your pet’s teeth because of their slippery saliva? Use this pen instead! With its anti-slip design, the job is made a LOT easier and faster so you can focus more on removing the teeth stains.

  • SAVES YOU MONEY - No need to refill the pen with oil over and over again. With just one single drop every session, you can cleanse your dog’s entire mouth from stains and bacteria.

    Don’t wait for harmful agents in your pet's mouth to infect their organs!

    Get this Pet Teeth Repairing Kit TODAY and ensure a healthier life for your four-legged friend!!

    NOTE: We recommend using it twice a day for better results.

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Pet Teeth Repairing Kit

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