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Posted By: Alina

Pet grooming is important, but let's be honest - it’s not always possible to make it to the groomer, and actually there are many owners who want to keep up some maintenance at home. So we gathered here some tips for home grooming. Enjoy!


  1. First things first - give your pet a bath. It might sound obvious, but it's really important, so don't miss it.
  2. Trim your pet’s nails. We know this might be a big challenge, but it’s essential.
  3. De-shed your pet by using a brush or tool that’s designed to remove undercoat.
  4. Trim your pet’s hair if he does not have fur that naturally sheds.
  1. Bath

    We all know that our furry friends just love the mess, but sometimes a bath is inevitable.  To make the process easier, maybe you should consider a two-in-one product (shampoo and conditioner). 

    And one more advice: avoid getting any soap or water in their ears, and be sure to rinse well.

    Pro tip: Use a pet dryer to speed up drying time. 

  2. Nails

    When it comes to nail clipping, we have one piece of advice: do it quickly!

    If your pet's nails are a light color, you might see the quick (the pink part of the nail closest to the toe). On the other hand, if your pet has a darker fur color and you can’t see the quick, just trim a small section of the nail at a time until you see a dark spot in the middle of the nail.

    If you have a cat, you could take advantage of the cat shower bag - it's a real game-changer and once you try it, you'll regret why you didn't find it earlier.

  3. De-shedding

    Brushing is your best friend, so look for a brush or tool, which can help reduce shedding if you use it regularly in between dog haircuts. An ionic pet brush, for example, is a really good idea, because its specially shaped bristles pass easily through matted hairs of your pet’s coat.

  4. Hair Cutting and Trimming

    Probably the most important tip: always use scissors that are designed for pet’s fur. We do not advise you to trim your cat or dog if it is extremely wiggly, jumpy or very matted. Wait for the right time, so that this experience isn't stressful for both of you.

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